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Each session is tailored to your ability and requirements and aims

Explanation of tackle and equipment

The mechanics of casting with the fly rod

Casting instruction

Basic entomology and the insect life that affects us as fly fishers

A look at the artificial wet and dry-fly, nymphs and lures and their fishing methods

Reading the water to find feeding fish

Knots, making up lines and leaders

Fishing methods, what to use, and why

Weather and water conditions and how to adapt to the changes

Playing, netting and handling fish, including catch and release

Fishing safety & etiquette

Expert, qualified instruction, from beginner to advanced. All fly fishing styles covered, wet, nymph and dry fly techniques, watercraft and entomology. Instruction given in all types of casting, overhead, mends, specialised and roll casts, double-haul and advanced casting.

Whatever your present ability, be it as a beginner looking for a good introduction into fly fishing - someone who has been fishing a while wanting to improve your casting or expand into new fishing methods and styles - or the experienced fly fisher wanting to fine tune your casting or spend time on specialist techniques - this session is for you

All tackle and equipment is supplied, but of course you can use your own should you wish.

Please bring suitable footwear (boots, trainers or wellies) and a waterproof coat. I have hats, sunglasses and safety glasses for your protection.

Fly Fishing Full Day Casting & Techniques Session